Youth Work – Committee meeting 2018

October 26 2018 | Youth Work

The 2018 Cup is done – long live the FEIF YouthCup! Topics of discussion at the FEIF YouthWork Committee in Berlin included a review of the 2018 Cup in Sweden, with a strong focus on how we make it even better in DK 2020. We also want to further strengthen the FEIF Young Leaders’ seminars, which are now a permanent feature for the winter season in the FEIF calendar. The next seminar will take place in Iceland, 9th-11th of November. Throughout 2019 we will mark an important birthday of FEIF, and in YouthWork, we want to do both, one the one hand share the memories of – and celebrate – the last 50 years, particularly the beginnings, a story which is rapidly gaining the status of a golden age, when anything seemed possible. On the other hand, we also look forward to the next 30 years, during which the young people of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. And finally in 2019, FEIF Youth will run the video competition again. The challenge to teenagers is to produce a short film on topic of ‘Blue’ (details to follow). Who knows – maybe short videos are the appropriate platform where current dreams will become a future record of our shared history?