Breeding and Breeding Judges – Committee Meeting 2018

October 26 2018 | Breeding

New and clearer breeding goals for the Icelandic horse breed were discussed together with a proposal for new guidelines for judging of riding abilities. The weighting factor for each trait will be further discussed in 2019. The proposal to decide on the judging panel at all breeding shows in 2019, based on the decision of the breeding leaders and judges, was prepared for implementation during the next months. Þorvaldur Kristjánsson was appointed as chief judge for the Breeding show during the World Championships 2019. Together with representatives of the organizer and the other FEIF departments, the world champion are where lots of new constructions were built, was visited. At the same time as the committee meeting, a WorldFengur workshop with more than 20 participants took place. The workshop included practical work as well as discussions on EU-items, perspectives from national studbooks and the GDPR consequences and further lectures.