The future of FEIF, do we to know WHY?

October 24 2018 | General

In the October meeting of the FEIF committees, the Board of FEIF had a plenum session to discuss with the committee members the future of FEIF and how we shall conduct our work. The initial questions were if the current way of our work within FEIF is the best way forward or if we should make changes. We also wanted to discuss the information flow, the cost of our operation, the decision making, interconnection or communication between departments and committees and the relationship with the member associations and their departments. Also the size of our committees. The final matter was if FEIF was appealing to new people to participate in our work.
In an interesting common session on Saturday where all the participants in the committee meetings participated a lively discussion took place and many interesting points were raised. The conversation evolved into a discussion of two points: WHY are we doing the work of FEIF and how is FEIF heading toward the future? These are bigger topics than the more practical questions posed initially suggested by the Board.
Following this discussion, the Board of FEIF has decided to take this matter as a priority point of discussion during our 50-year anniversary conference that takes place in Berlin in February. It is vital for FEIF to constantly review our ways and means of working and make sure we do not become stagnant and distant from our members. We need to follow the ever changing times and be able to stand up and answer the question, WHY we are here and where we are heading with our work around the Icelandic horse. The board will therefore prepare the conference in February to take on this discussion and follow up on the outcome thereof. We will rely on the input from all the stakeholders, riders, breeders and all the volunteers and finally the Member Associations. We therefore urge you all to contact us with your thoughts and ideas!