Be a relay rider!

September 30 2018 | Leisure Riding, World Championships

The traditional relay ride will start in June 2019. From Oirschot in the Netherlands, the venue of the 2017 World Championships, to Berlin, the route takes you practically across Germany. The handover at the border will take place end of June 2019 north of Venlo and then on to Münsterland, past Bielefeld, Hildesheim, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg through Brandenburg to the outskirts of Berlin (planned arrival August 2).
Even if it still takes several months until the start of the first ride, the planning is already in full swing. The associations, which have agreed to organise several stages, use the summer to explore beautiful routes, take care of possibilities for the accommodation of the riders, horses and the associated troop. Details on the schedule can be found on the