Me, myself and I

September 26 2018 | Youth Work

Me, myself and I is the title of the 3rd FEIF Young Leaders? seminar, to be held 9-11 November in Iceland. The event is aimed at the age group 18-26 when great changes take place in the lives of young people, and the focus is on self-development, leadership skills, and seeing solutions. We aim to develop and practice skills on leadership in relation to others, and also in relation to our horses. How do I build a team? What is the difference between teamwork and partnership? How do I practice communication at a higher level? The main speakers at the event are Anna Steinsen, a recreational and social psychologist, and Karen Woodrow, a Hólar-trained riding instructor who also holds a Masters in Project Management. The seminar will include a trip to the breeding farm Grænhóll/ Auðsholtshjáleiga. More information can be found in the invitation.