FEIF Youth Cup 2018 – final day

August 5 2018 | Youth Work

The 2018 FEIF Youth Cup concluded today with a all the finals, P2 and the flag race. Congratulations to all medallists and runners up. Well done!!! But the Youth Cup is more than just a competition. New friendships were formed, everyone learnt that you can always do things slightly differently – and many a participant will go home speaking English much more confidently than before. FEIF would like to utter a huge THANK YOU to the organisers, trainers and judges and the Swedish and to Country Leaders and the Team Leaders who all gave their time, their skills and their quick smiles for free. We could not have done it without you. The fact that volunteers are not paid does not make them worthless. On the contrary – it makes them priceless. Takk så mykket.