FEIF Youth Cup 2018 – Day 4

August 1 2018 | Youth Work

Another very long day, but refreshing in so many ways. The 3 training days are over, the horses have a rest, and we explored what else the Swedish horse world has to offer. After a 40 min bus ride, we arrived at Hellekis Manor, an elegant neoclassical castle situated on the Kinnekullen ‘mountain’ by the shores of Sweden’s largest lake: Vänern.
Castle, or not, we were more interested in the stables, home to the Team HorseVision, which teaches the Academic Art of Riding, and gave a wonderful display on Liberty Dressage. Starting with an explanation of fundamental groundwork, the demo quickly moved on to liberty riding, lateral movements and the beginnings of a rounded outline. Inspirational! Equally attractive (almost) was a swim, and a picnic by the lake – and the first real rain we had all weak. Refreshing! In the afternoon we were back at the Trotting Centre, and enjoyed a lecture/demo by John Rickett who truly speaks ‘horse’ and, just as importantly – he understands it, too. We learnt a few words of his specific vocabulary and witnessed 2 horses learning to understand him, too. Both horses showed an amazing transformation within a very short time.
This is the day, and the night before the competition. Confidence is high, expectations are higher, nerves are stretched. Best of luck to all riders and horses!