FEIF Youth Cup 2018 – Day 2

July 30 2018 | Youth Work

Sunday morning training started in earnest with different trainers, practicing a range of different skills: Vigdís Matthíasdóttir trains the gaits, Sirpa Brumpton focuses on tölt, Trausti Thor Gudmundsson teaches Tölt in Harmony, Reynír Aðalsteinsson flagrace and pace, and Erik Brodin caters for ‘trail riding skills’, an obstacle course which tests the calm and courage of both horse and rider. The evening ended with the first of two country evenings, in which each national team introduces one or the other interesting fact, or story, or dance of their home country, together with a tasty treat of chocolate, waffles, or hangikjöt. Quote of the day: Don’t inspire others with your perfection, but with your way of dealing with imperfection.