A farewell to Einar

July 16 2018 | General

The Icelandic horse world has lost a great man. Einar Ragnarsson passed away on July 16th, 2018 after a long battle with cancer.

Einar was honored with the FEIF Award in 2015 for his tireless work to improve the Icelandic horse sport over many years. He continued this work even after his diagnosis.

Einar was active as International FEIF Sport Judge since 1996, a Gæðingakeppni judge, and a member of the FEIF Sport and Sport Judges Committees for many years. He was Chief, Deputy Chief Judge, or a member of the jury at many World Championships – we have lost count.

After moving to Austria, Einar served as sport leader and as deputy chairman of ÖIV, the Austrian FEIF member association, for several years. He was active teaching and training riders and horses passionately passing on his boundless knowledge about Icelandic horses.

He will be greatly missed, remembered often, and never forgotten! Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Claudia and his entire family.