AppFengur presented at Landsmót 2018

July 4 2018 | Breeding, General

Meet the latest member in the family of Fengur programs, called AppFengur!This new app was presented on the first day of the 2018 Landsmót in Víðidalur. The app is free for all; this concerns a so-called Beta version that was designed specially for the occasion of this year´s Landsmót. With AppFengur, users can look up horses, mark their favourites, get the latest results for the Landsmót, take and share pictures and follow the latest news.
There is still a considerable amount of work left to be done in order to develop the app to users’ needs and wishes; the next feature that is to be added is a connection to microchip readers.
AppFengur has been designed by Rusticity ehf. in cooperation with the Icelandic Farmers Association, home of WorldFengur. All WorldFengur subscribers can log onto AppFengur with their WF user name and password; it is possible to change this on the app. The Beta version is free, but once the app has been fully rigged out, it will become a paid service.
Rusticity ehf. has stated that they are happy to present the first version of
AppFengur for the 2018 Landsmót. They are working on improving and enhancing the app with more features, and are inviting all users to contact them with suggestions and comments which may be used to improve the app for its users. Rusticity ehf. can be contacted through their website,, or via Facebook,
If you want to download the app, look for AppFengur at the Appstore or Playstore.