FEIF Education/Trainer Seminar 2018

March 27 2018 | Education

On March 25, a varied, top class FEIF Education/Trainer seminar, perfectly prepared and conducted by the motivated team around the head of the Equine Science Department Sveinn Ragnarsson and initiated by FEIF Director of Education Silke Feuchthofen ended in Hólar.
Perfect facilities and carefully selected riders and horses offered a great setting. The topic “Teaching to teach, a systematic approach to education of riding teachers, trainers and instructors” was presented in a very comprehensive and systematic way with many examples from the daily life of a riding instructor and trainer. The internationally known riding instructors / trainers / riders from Holar such as Mette Mannseth, Anton Pall Nielson, Toti Eymundsson and their colleague team excellently demonstrated, commented and explained in practice-oriented lectures different structures and approaches in teaching and training of rider and horse and the educational system of Holar.
Other top-class, internationally renowned speakers were Islay Auty ‘coaching- how riders learn’ and Lars Roepstorff ‘Technical possibilities and future of riders’ education’. Eyolfur Isolfsson gave a very lively lecture on the development of rider and horse training in Iceland in the past and presented the current state and procedure of training with emphasis on the value and care in riding and training transitions.
A final highlight was the demonstration and explanation of ‘Gaedingafimi’, presented in 4 and 5 gait.
Last but not least, the students of Holar were an important element in the seminar, they were highly motivated at all teaching demonstrations and they mastered this with flying colors.