IceTest and changes of Sport Rules

March 17 2018 | Sport

Recent changes in Sport Rules and Requirements require an update of IceTest. The update is available (version 1.1.795). Included is the new handling of PP2. As of April 1, 2018, the number of heats is reduced to 2, and the marks for time are no longer doubled. An easier way to print separate result lists in preliminary rounds with different (age) classes is also included.
The updated versions has to be installed as an update to a previous installation, preferably version 1.1.725. When installing this update, old data will remain unchanged. However, don’t forget to make a back-up first!
In addition, a new set of Sport Rules has to be installed in IceTest, like every year. This update includes the new Five Gait F3 as well. IceTest will warn you to download them when you forget.