Delegates’ Assembly 2018

February 6 2018 | Conference

The FEIF Conference 2018 took place in Stockholm, Sweden and was organized with the great help of the Swedish Icelandic Horse Association. As every year, the FEIF Conference started with the Annual Delegates’ Assembly, the highest authority within FEIF. 12 out of 19 FEIF member countries entitled to vote participated in the Delegates’ Assembly 2018. The delegates unanimously approved the auditor’s report and the budget for the FEIF year 2017/2018, and released the board from its responsibility.
Inge Kringeland, FEIF Director of Breeding and Silke Feuchthofen, FEIF Director of Education were re-elected for two years. Jean-Paul Balz was elected unanimously as FEIF Director of Sport and Doug Smith was elected as FEIF Board member. Lone Høgholt did not stand for re-election but will stay as member of the leisure riding committee, Mia Estermann from Switzerland was elected as FEIF Director for Leisure Riding for one year. Tone Kolnes was elected unanimously as member of the Arbitration Council (for 3 years) and the delegates confirmed the state authorized accountant for the current year.
Most of the sport and breeding proposals were accepted by the delegates, the proposal on the vaccination recommendations was withdrawn for further considerations, the T2 final proposal regarding loose rein on both hands will be a test with experimental option and will be discussed again by the sport leaders based on the experiences made. The education proposal to implement a mandatory trainer / instructor CPD was accepted unanimously.
All changes and also the editorial changes on which the delegates agreed will be included in the FEIF Rules and Regulations valid from April 1 on. In addition, a summary of the rule changes will be published together with the minutes from all meetings.