Annual YouthWork Meeting 2018

February 6 2018 | Conference, Youth Work

‘Youth work is about the future’ and so were most of the discussions in the FEIF Youth Meeting in Stockholm. Many of the delegates from the FEIF countries were younger than 26 years old (this is a first!) and what is more, they were already a pretty functioning team. A good group of the national youth leaders know each from the last FEIF Youth Cup, or the Camp, or the Young Leaders’ Seminar. We have worked together, laughed together, and cooperation at the more formal setting of the FEIF Conference is made so easy, because of the mutual trust and confidence in each other, that has been built up past events. So we were ready to tackle the future: things are all set for the 2018 FEIF Youth Cup in Sweden; the next Young Leaders’ seminar is in the planning stage and will be hosted by Iceland in the autumn of 2018; Iceland is also the host for the 2019 FEIF Youth Camp. – This is one to watch out for! Our ideas and plans for beyond? Do you really want to know already? FEIF Youth Cup 2020 will be in Denmark, the 2021 Camp in Finland. If you want to get involved whilst you are still ‘young’ you better get in touch quickly!