Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2018

February 6 2018 | Conference, Leisure Riding

The exchange of information and experience from the countries was very positive and a lot of good ideas were discussed. Regarding the Horse Profile, there were several ideas on how to publish and advertise it in the countries. The countries are aware of the need to give good information to new owners and interested buyers of Icelandic horses. The implementation in each country will be one of the main topics at the next conference. The horse profile film that was developed in the group will certainly contribute to the success of the profile.
The project ‘The Viking Hoofprint’, an old riding route through north-western Europe, was presented. This route will be one of the variety of routes that are planned to be published on a special platform.
How to get more countries to do work for the leisure riders was a topic too and all countries that could not send representatives this time will of course be included in further discussions. The minutes of the meeting will be published on the FEIF website.
The members of the leisure riding committee are Hlín Jóhannesdóttir, Tanja Casimir, Michaela Haacke, Lone Högholt, and Mia Estermann who was elected as the new Director of Leisure Riding by the Delegates’ Assemble.