Annual Breeding Meeting 2018

February 6 2018 | Breeding, Conference

The breeding leaders had a very constructive meeting with many discussions and also decided upon several changes in the breeding regulations, rules and guidelines which will be prepared for 2019.
The group also decided to form a committee that will from 2019 on make a pro-posal for the distribution of judges based on the information provided by the na-tional breeding leaders and the breeding judges for each breeding show to guarantee an exchange of judges.
Frauke Schenzel and Markus Ljungqvist were re-elected as breeders’ representatives for one year. Rebecka Frey as new member of the breeding committee and John Siiger Hansen were elected for two years.
John Siiger Hansen was also re-elected as the leader of the breeding judge committee. The breeding judges will from next year on elect one member to the breeding judge committee within the group.
Thorvaldur Arnasson presented preliminary results from analyses of the value of foal assessments. His analyses indicate that these judgements can provide important information about the quality of the horse and he will continue to collect more data for further analyses.
The changes for 2018 will be published in the rule books and as a summary in March 2018 and will be valid for the breeding season 2018.