A creative and impressing event!

January 15 2018 | Youth Work

The FEIF Young Leaders’ Seminar ‘hugely exceeded my expectations’, were the words of one of the participants. Over the weekend 12-14 January ca. 25 people from 7 member countries came together in Berlar, Germany, for the 2nd ever Young Leader Seminar. The programme consisted of a mixture of workshops such as team building, non-competitive games with Ulla Fehse, developing communication skills with Henning Drath, and lectures on ‘How to deal with the parents’ by sport psychologist Sydney Querfurth, and a wonderful demonstration on ‘how horses learn’ by Jolly Schrenk with Glæsir.
Time and again, Icelandic horse lovers show that these sort of events, when we come together, learn together and laugh together are worth much more than the programme interesting and stimulating as this may be. What also happens is that tiring as such an intense few days may be, participants and contributors alike go home inspired, highly motivated and eager for the next event. Thank you to all, and there will be a next time!