Leisure Riding – Committee Meeting 2017

October 24 2017 | Leisure Riding

The Leisure Committee has now finalized all paperwork relating to the Horse Profile. Before Christmas a short digital introduction will be ready and the Horse Profile will be presented at the Trainers’ Seminar at Hólar in spring 2018. Following this, the Leisure Committee will be available for introductions of the Horse Profile at events for trainers listed on the FEIF website, who may wish to be introduced to the Horse Profile.
The project of securing ancient trails and existing trails for future riding has been launched. From now till the Conference in Stockholm it needs to be determined how information about the trails may be made available to the public as well as stored. It is the intention to use an existing platform allowing users to place their own routes, give short introductions to challenges or facilities on the route as well as place photos from the route – and maybe even make agreements on taking tours online. Any suggestion or recommendation on which tool to use will be welcome.