Ride to Reykjavik

August 23 2017 | Leisure Riding

The FEIF virtual ride ‘Out to Oirschot’ is over – long live the FEIF ‘Ride to Reykjavik’. Interested in joining a friendly and mutually supportive community of Icelandic horse riders from all over the world on their (virtual) ride to Landsmót 2018? The principle is simple: between now and next July you add up all km you ride out on a hack, and we add the distances up every month. On the way you meet a lot of amazing people (on facebook) and enjoy the pictures from a huge variety of landscapes and seasons – in fact from everywhere the Icelandic horse has found a home. Registration is free and easy, and if you feel Iceland is a very long way from home, then just form a team, and all your ridden km will count together. For more info follow the link.