FEIF Video Competition 2017

August 23 2017 | Youth Work

This year the FEIF Youth Department organized for the second time a video competition. This year’s theme was ‘Power is …’ and we asked young people to create a short movie with music, text, and of course featuring the Icelandic horse by using their smart phones, which was a real challenge!
A team of judges, experienced in photography and movies was asked to assess the videos that were sent in based along the following criteria: creativity, horsemanship and cinematic. Besides scoring the movies, they also provided feedback to the teams to help them to make the next movies even better.
At the World Championships 2017 at Oirschot the top 3 videos were announced and as promised, the winning video was shown on the big screen during this international event. Once again, congratulations to the winning team, Team Diversity from Germany with a score of 41/45. Followed by Team Burghauser-Mädels from Austria with a score of 39/45 and on the third place Team Isi rider from Germany with a score of 34/45.
Congratulations to all participants!