World Championships 2017 closed!

August 15 2017 | World Championships

In the closing ceremony the Team Trophy was awarded to the team Iceland and the FEIF Feather prize to Máni Hilmarsson [YR] with Prestur frá Borgarnesi [IS2009136036]. The organiser trophy was handed over to the great team of organisers!

Combination 4-gait was won by Johanna Tryggvason with Fönix frá Syðra-Holti / DE, second position Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson with Gloría frá Skúfslæk / IS, third position Jolly Schrenk with Glæsir von Gut Wertheim / DE.

Combination 5-gait was won by Magnús Skúlason with Valsa från Brösarpsgården, second place Þórarinn Eymundsson with Narri frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum / IS and third place Lisa Drath with Bassi frá Efri-Fitjum / DE.

And three cheers to the 2017 World Championships that were… Thank you to all the horses, without them we would all have less friends. Thank you to the riders and grooms, and to the judges, they provided all the excitement. Thank you to the shop keepers who aimed to feed our desires (and our needs). Thank you to the office staff, the rule keepers and the organisers, they managed to keep everything running smoothly. Thank you to the volunteers, they made it all possible. And then, thank you to the spectators, who behaved impeccably, showed a lot of understanding, and even more enthusiasm for the Icelandic horse. Let’s do it all again, see you in Berlin.