WM Monday – World Championships 2017

August 8 2017 | World Championships

For the competitors, particularly in breeding, the WM stated punctually at on Mon morning. The volunteers have been here in Oirschot for a week…, but for many of the spectators Monday or Tuesday is the day for arrival. Those who came arrived Monday were greeted with blue skies and hot sunshine, those who came on Tuesday were well advised to bring their umbrella. But either way, the venue is ready for anything, beautifully laid out and everyone is eager to get the ball rolling. When you leave the busy motorway, you arrive in an oasis of green, and smiling volunteers direct you through a maze of iron clad temporary roads towards one of the two the well laid out camping grounds. Everything is newly laid out and immaculately fresh. The bathrooms are sparkling, and the famous ‘toilet team’ from 2007 are doing their magic again.