4000 km riding route in France, Belgium and Germany

July 31 2017 | Leisure Riding

The European Route d’Artagnan is a 4000 km riding route established through a Unique cooperation between 12 partners including tourist organizations, FITE, local Communities and co-funded by the European Community and it was opened in Chantilly, France, July 7-9, 2017. This route is based on the life and achievements of the musceteer d’Artagnan. It combines already existing routes and is created to provide and share information about history and nature on its way and shall serve to unite people on the basis of a genuine interest in these aspects of life. The route reaches into Germany and Belgium.
FEIF is in dialogue with the organizers on how to expand the route or connect already existing routes to this project. Through many years riders have participated in the WC Relay Ride and these routes are more or less described already. By connecting to European Route d’Artagnan we could bring out the history of the Vikings’ routes too. How about bringing the route to the famous Bayeux tapestry in the Normandy from the Nordics? Or from Berlin? The famous tapestry describes the battle at Hastings in year 1066, and all the horses on the tapestry tölt and their size reveals that they are ancestors of our horses.
FEIF Leisure Committee will follow up on this opportunity.