Day 5 – FEIF YouthCamp 2017

July 16 2017 | Youth Work

On Sunday, day 5 of the FEIF Youth Camp in Belgium, we were kindly invited on a sporting carriage driving tour. Eight carriages, all different vehicles, were pulled by singles and pairs of different horse breeds, including Icelandic horses, Welsh cobs, Norwegian fjords, Haflingers from Austria, and a Belgian cold blood – the horses were as multinational as we are. We drove in a long procession on a 25 km tour through the beautiful Belgian countryside. The drive was very well organised. A group of dedicated riders on Iceys and one Arab, rode with us, they secured road crossings and showed the way. Sometimes in from of us sometimes behind us, they whizzed through the landscape and provide a lot of entertainment. For lunch, we took over a large car park in the middle of a village. Our wonderful chefs had food and drink prepared at the back of a car, and of course the horses, too, had some water. Someone had even brought a wheelbarrow to clean up after we left for the way home.
We could see that the drivers enjoyed themselves, and loved showing us their horses and their skills. Some of our participants even had the chance to take the reins for part of the way. Warm laughter and excited shrieks when the going got fast were constantly ringing through the air. And amazing and unforgettable day. Thank you, Belgium!