FEIF Riding Horse Profile

May 5 2017 | Leisure Riding

FEIF has developed a new Riding Horse Profile, which is intended to create the best possible match between rider and horse. The Riding Horse profile is a snapshot of both the character and behaviour of the horse, as well as of the needs and abilities of the rider. It is factual, neutral and involves a professional trainer or a trusted horse-person, who understands the needs of the rider.

What is particularly important for you, when you wish to buy a horse? Is it important that the tölt has a steady beat? That the horse is five-gaited? That the horse has movements, which makes everyone else at the stable sigh with admiration? That the horse stands completely still when mounted? That it has a lot of willingness? That it is pinto? That it trusts its rider and turns right along a path in the forest when asked to – even though all other riders turn left? Is it all right for you that your horse believes that every puddle is a hiding place for dangerous crocodiles?

More than 3000 riders of Icelandic horses in 12 countries have responded to a questionnaire sent out by FEIF two years ago. Together with existing test models from France, Germany and Iceland, this survey forms the basis of the newly developed Riding Horse Profile. The main goal behind the Riding Horse Profile is to assist the buyer of a horse to make a qualified choice: a choice, which reflects the needs of the rider. The respondents to the survey conducted by FEIF represented organized as well as unorganized riders. This was a deliberate choice made by FEIF to secure that as many ‘ordinary’ riders as possible participated in the survey.

Follow the link for the different forms (rider form, trainer form).