1 May, the International day of the Icelandic horse

April 28 2017 | PR

On May 1, Horses of Iceland, a marketing initiative for the benefit of the Icelandic horse has organized the International day of the Icelandic horse. So let your Icelandic horse open up a world of adventure for your family, friends, and acquaintances – especially those unfamiliar to the breed – by inviting them along to experience all its fantastic characteristics!
You can organize an Open House day at the stable, invite your friends along for a short visit or even a daylong ride to experience the magic of nature and the outdoors with the Icelandic horse.
Share your moments with fans all over the world by posting photos/videos on your preferred social media with the hashtag #horsesoficeland. The best picture/video uploaded on Facebook, will win a 3-day trip in Iceland, sponsored by Hey Iceland and Horses of Iceland! https://www.facebook.com/events/1507060746002025/

FEIF is a sponsor of Horses of Iceland and participates in the promotion taking place throughout the Social Media and events, all aimed at the Icelandic horse and it´s special abilities. This is fitting well to our goal which is to ‘Bring people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse’.