IceTest and changes of Sport Rules

March 16 2017 | Sport, WorldRanking

Recent changes in Sport Rules and Requirements require an update of IceTest. The first update is available (version 1.1.735), it includes a new handling of Elimination of Participants in PP1. As of April 1, 2017, participants receiving 0 from three judges in the first run in PP1 are now allowed a second run.
A second update will be available soon. It will include the option to have C-Finals in oval track classes as well.
The updated versions have to be installed as an update to a previous installation, preferably version 1.1.725. When installing these updates, old data will remain unchanged. However, don’t forget to make a back-up first!
In addition, a new set of Sport Rules has to be installed in IceTest, like every year. IceTest will warn you to download them when you forget.