Riding Horse Profiles

February 11 2017 | Leisure Riding

The Riding Horse Profile has been developed as a tool to get a neutral, professional assessment of the characteristics of a riding horse. The purpose is to secure that there is the best possible match between horse and rider – in particular in a situation, where a buyer is not fully aware of his/her own capabilities as a rider.
The Rider’s Form serves to identify the characteristics of the horse, which the rider and his/her trainer considers the ideal horse for the rider, i.e. taking its character, educational level and gaits into consideration.
A professional trainer then follows the instructions in the Trainer’s Report and fills it out. By comparing the two papers gaps are very easily defined.

The Riding Horse Profile has been developed in close dialogue with the FEIF Breeding Committee and the FEIF Education Committee. It is planned to develop the Riding Horse Profile further based on experience harvested in the coming year. Ideally, the Riding Horse Profile will come in an electronic version.
During 2017 FEIF will provide more information about the Riding Horse Profile to all trainers registered in FEIF Trainer Matrix