Annual Sport Meeting 2017

February 7 2017 | Conference, Sport

The Sport Leaders and Sport Committee met for two days in Helsinki to consider a long agenda of proposals from the Committee and member associations.
Coen Buijsse, Organizer World Championships 2017, presented an updated on the status of preparations for August. (All seats covered; 10.000 sq. meters of wood floors for the enlarged restaurant and vendor areas; 16.000 liters of beer ? and strawberry cakes!)
The Sport Leaders approved the following items for referral to the Delegates’ Assembly 2018: Changes to PP2 to remove the third sprint, reduce the weight of the time factor, and adjust the conversion of times to marks to better reflect the expected performances in PP2 versus PP1. Reduction of the required time to show speed changes in a T1 final and the loose rein in a T2 final. A new F3-five gait test to require tölt, walk, trot, canter and pace where the pace mark is doubled. The new F3 is hoped to be a better starting point for horses and riders on their way to F1.
The national Sport Leaders also re-elected Einar Ragnarsson , Nicolai Thye, and Florian Schneider to the Sport Committee. The full 18 pages of minutes will be published on the FEIF website shortly.