For the first time ever – FEIF Young Leaders event

November 4 2016 | Youth Work

23 young people from AT, BE, DE, DK NL, IS, SE, NO, LU came together in Wenngarn, Sweden. The seminar on leadership explored questions like motivation, self-awareness and cultural difference, following dreams and making things happen, took place in an experimental village, in the grounds of one of Sweden’s oldest castles. The first evening started with a team building exercise, which took the form of the participants cooking tacos together. Speakers included Ulrika Backan, and Thorvaldur Árnason from Sweden, and Karen Woodrow from Iceland. An event like this should also include some practical work. This happened under the guidance of TV host Musse Halsval, whose adventures include no less than participating in the Mongolian Darby. At the seminar he persuaded everyone to have a go at ‘ruffietraining’ a form of martial arts. Yes, a good leader will make you follow into all sorts of unknown territory!
The event was successful by any measure and left everyone asking for more. Watch this space!