FEIF Equipment Manual

October 27 2016 | General

A working group with a wide range of experience as trainers, riders, breeders, and judges has provided descriptions and information regarding the correct usage of commonly available equipment, used across various Icelandic horse disciplines. This document is developed by FEIF to provide a basis for common understanding and discussion of equipment used with Icelandic horses. The FEIF Equipment Manual will be reviewed and updated by the Board of FEIF, with the assistance of a number of experts from the Icelandic horse world. Thank you to the members of the working group: Johannes Hoyos (AT), Magnus Skulasson SE), Marlise Grimm (DE), Mette Mannseth (IS), Rasmus Møller Jensen (DK), Sigridur Björnsdóttir (IS), Sveinn Ragnarsson (IS), Vicky Eggertsson (DE) and Doug Smith and Silke Feuchthofen (Board of FEIF),