Breeding committee and breeding judges committee meeting

October 23 2016 | Breeding

The breeding committee and breeding judges committee had a very productive meeting on many different topics. The young breeding trainer seminar 2017 will take place in Skeiðvellir, Iceland from April 4 – 7, 2017. The breeder leader seminar is scheduled for March; further information will follow in time. The meeting in addition discussed the possibility of offering a second young breeding trainer seminar and a ring steward seminar in 2017.
Several proposals will be sent to the Delegates’ Assembly 2017, among them the proposal on the head judge list as agreed at the Annual breeding leader meeting 2016 and a proposal for the naming of the horses and the use of prepositions.
A variety of topics that were sent to the committee meetings by the countries were discussed and prepared by the group for further discussion at the Annual Breeding meeting in February 2017 in Helsinki.
The Breeding committees also prepared for the World Championships 2017 in Oirschot and discussed the breeding show, the stud farm show, the breeders’ café and other activities during the event.