FEIF YouthCup 2016 started!

July 25 2016 | Youth Work

The FEIF YouthCup 2016 hosted by the Netherlands got off to an excellent start! On Sunday morning, training started, the renowned instructors of this year’s Cup are: Erik Spee, Yvonne Groven, Katie Brumton, Noortje Gregoire, Yoni Blom, and Þórarinn Eymundsson. On offer are classes in tölt training, training the gaits, pace training and flag race, dressage and obstacles. Regular reports on the activities and the results can be found on the FEIF website, but also on several member association websites, to name a few:
OEIV – Austria: https://fyc16teamaustria.wordpress.com/

FFCI – France: http://www.chevalislandais.com/activités/equitation/album-feif-youth-cup-2016/

IPZV – Germany: http://www.ipzv.de/newsdetail-kurzmeldungen/items/youth-cup-team-ist-komplett-3219.html

NSIJP – Netherlands: http://www.nsijp.nl/rubriek/jeugd/youthcup-2016