FEIF virtual ride – Home to Hólar

July 16 2016 | Leisure Riding

The FEIF virtual ride ‘Home to Hólar’ came to an end with the spectacular Opening Ceremony of Landsmót on Thu 30th June. For a whole year, just over 150 riders from all over the world – alone and in teams – counted up all their km when riding out, mentally calculating the distance from their home to Hólar, site of Landmót 2016. Together they recorded 67,078km, one and a half times the distance round the globe. “One the way”, many adventures occurred and were shared on a dedicated facebook page where participants ‘meet’, talk horse and share some wonderful pictures of the Icelandic horse in places as far apart as Australia and Switzerland. For a summary of the full story visit http://feif-virtual.weebly.com/news-and-score-board.html
And because this community of virtual riders is growing, and because the whole adventure is a lot of fun, and because it is a wonderful way to make new friends with a common interest, the next FEIF virtual ride ‘Out to Oirshot’ started on Mon 4th July, as soon as LM was over. If you are interested in joining the FEIF virtual ride to the next World Championships in the NL in the company of friendly and supportive fellow riders from all over the world, all you have to do is register here (it is free!) http://feif-virtual.weebly.com/ and start riding out. Happy tölting!