Live broadcast from Landsmot is ready!

June 25 2016 | Breeding, Sport

Live broadcast from Landsmot will start at 9:00 am Monday morning. There will broadcasts from both the breeding track and the main track, so you can watch both! Friday and Saturday all competitions will be on the main track.
If you missed the show of your favorite horse or if you want to see it again and again – you can! The videos will be acessible for further viewing so you can watch them as much as you like! Access to the live stream from Landsmot will only cost 50 Euro and your access will be valid until August 1st.
Furthermore, your access will also be valid to watch live broadcast from the Icelandic championship that will be held in July.
To access the live stream you need to sign up here; and choose ‘GET ACCESS’, then you will access the live stream. When you have finished signing up you can either download the Oz-app or watch the live stream through internet.
See you at LH TV!