FEIF virtual ride is on the final straight now!

June 10 2016 | Leisure Riding

The ‘Home to Hólar’ ride will finish at 20:00 on Thu, 30th June, at the same time as the Opening Ceremony of Landsmót.
Here are a few statistical highlights: together, about 120 riders from all over the world have ridden 65,528km, that is one and half time around the globe!
As teams from closer by (Northern Europe) have arrived at Hólar over the last few months, they continued to ride and continued to add up their km. In that way, various riders have accumulated over 14,000km ‘spare’ so far. By donating these km to other teams, all our friends from North America and ‘down under’ in NZ and AU can hitch a very comfortable ride, and reach Hólar as well!
The top achievement for a single rider is 2818km and still counting! An incredible achievement, for rider and horse (!). Another rider from DK, managed to get from home to exactly within 1km by the end of this month. Precision work!
For more fun with numbers, look here: http://feif-virtual.weebly.com/news-and-score-board.html
Congratulations all participants!