Update – FEIF virtual ride ‘Home to Hólar’

April 18 2016 | Leisure Riding

About 120 riders from all over the world (Europe, North America Australia and NZ) are still making their way to Landsmót in Hólar. All riders send it the ridden km back home every month, and FEIF adds up the mileage, calculating the route to Hólar. In the northern hemnisphere spring is slow to come, but the riders and horses are ready to go. With a total of 6319 km achieved for March, the virtual ride is almost back to the level of August last year, which was a joint 6919km. The ride can be tackled by individuals or teams. If the distance from home to Hólar exceeds 2000 km, it makes sense to go as a team, and take all ridden km by team members together.
But quite apart from the sporting achievement – so far the longest single distance since August is an astonishing 2281km, ridden by Miriam van den Brand, NL – riders have also come together – virtually – in a friendly and supportive group on fb. It is always fun to see an autumn sunset in NZ, or a desert ride in California, at the same time as struggling with the post-winter mud in Scotland. Interested? Follow the link or join the fb group ‘Home to Hólar’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/811892652263570/