Delegates’ Assembly 2016

February 9 2016 | Conference, General

13 out of 18 FEIF member countries participated in the Delegates’ Assembly 2016 in Haarlem, Netherlands. The delegates unanimously elected Inge Kringeland from Norway as the new breeding Leader as Marlise Grimm did not stand for re-election. Silke Feuchthofen, Director for Education and Lone Hoeglund, Director of Leisure Riding, were re-elected. Jens Iversen, DK and Cosima König, DE were elected as members of the Arbitration Council. The position for the Director of PR will remain open and the assembly agrees that the search for an interested person will continue.
The delegates unanimously approved the auditor’s report and the Board was released from its responsibility.
The FEIF rules and regulations, bringing together all rules and regulations from the different departments in one document and furthermore providing missing parts like the non-doping rules, the description of the gaits, etc. – having been prepared by the FEIF TaskForce during the last years – were approved by the majority of the delegates.
All sport proposals, among them the length of the hoof, late withdrawals, rein changes in finals, WC track widths, etc. were accepted by the delegates. All these changes will be published on the FEIF website and included in the 2016 version of FIPO in due time. The breeding proposal to change the length of the tracks for judgement of gaits/ridden abilities to 250m was accepted unanimously.
Australia was welcomed as the 20th FEIF member country with an associate membership