Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2016

February 9 2016 | Conference, Leisure Riding

We are very happy to see the growing interest in the leisure riding committee. Not only were more countries present at the meeting, but based on the reports, many countries seem to have a growing interest to make things happen for their leisure riders. We exchanged some good ideas on events which attract leisure riders. Most time of our meeting was used for the development of what we now call the ‘riding horse assessment’: an assessment to give more information of the qualities of a horse as a (leisure) riding horse. Stoeterij van ‘t Ilperveld was so nice to welcome us and let us test the assessment with two horses. After seeing it live, we discussed how the assessment should be performed, who should be performing the test and what the assessment form should look like. In the next few months, we will alter the assessment form and describe the procedure to be followed. After that there will be some live testing in different countries.