Annual Breeding Meeting 2016

February 9 2016 | Breeding, Conference

The Breeding leader meeting decided to implement a ‘positive list’ with around 8000 horse names for Worldfengur and all other names must be applied for. A proposal of having the same requirements for new breeding judges will be sent to the DA 2017 as a change in the breeding rules. In 2016 the Breeding judge committee will propose a list of 10 – 12 head judges and one out of these should be present at the all breeding shows from 2017 on. Frauke Schenzel, DE and Marcus Ljungquist, SE were elected as breeders’ representatives to the breeding committee, John Siiger Hansen and Sigbjørn Bjørnsson were re-elected in the breeding (judge) committee. A working group was appointed to make a proposal for common rules for approval of stallions in all countries outside Iceland to stop and solve the cross border problems. 2016 will be a new active year with several seminars and open breeders meeting in the autumn, this year in Germany.