Youth Country of the Year 2015

February 8 2016 | Youth Work

The annual award – FEIF Youth Country of the Year 2015 was given to Sweden. Not only does Sweden maintain a very varied and inclusive programme of events for children and teenagers, as do all of this year’s very high quality entries, but it has taken the next step, widening the focus on promoting seminars and social skills in the age group 18-26. This helps to hold on to our young people once they no longer participate in Youth events – and it will also promote and train a generation of future leaders. Congratulations Sweden! The Award also gives you an extra place at this year’s FEIF Youth Cup. And congratulations also to all other countries who submitted a report. The standard this year was very high, and highlights excellent work is done by 1000s of volunteers working with young riders of the Icelandic horse all over the world. Thank you!