EHN Newsletter December 2015

December 20 2015 | EHN

European Horse Network (EHN) – a non-profit network of stakeholders acting at a World, European, National or Regional level within the European horse sector – has published the December 2015 newsletter.
The newsletter looks back at the successful European Parliament Conference on Equine Welfare. The conference report is available at the FEIF website.
Two new EHN members are introduced as well: IFCE, the French Institute for equestrian sport and equines and FITE, the International Equestrian Tourism Federation. Especially FITE is interesting for the Icelandic horse world, as the focus on equestrian tourism and TREC fits to current practices in many member countries of FEIF (riding tours, riding in nature) and with the focus on leisure riding.
FEIF is one of the founding members of EHN.