Education & Sport Seminar 2016

December 16 2015 | Education, Sport

The combined Education & Sport Seminar will take place in the Arlanda area, Sweden on March 5 & 6, 2016. The seminar will focus on the connection between the horse and rider using Tölt in Harmony as a central topic. A detailed list of presenters and topics will be published when the details are finalized.

Participants should plan their travel to be ready to begin at 9am on Saturday (March 5). The official seminar will conclude before lunch on Sunday (March 6) to allow everyone the opportunity to travel home Sunday afternoon/evening.

The formal registration period will open on January 1st. Participants may pre-reserve a place by sending an email to Your place will be protected until the formal registration opens but will not be confirmed until we have received your formal paperwork and payment.