Sport committee meeting 2015

October 29 2015 | Sport

The Sport Committee met for a very productive two-day session as part of the FEIF Committee Meetings in Malmö, Sweden (October 24 and 25). The committee conducted a review of the World Championships 2015 and made some suggestions for the future. We also considered some suggested adjustments to FIPO and other topics such as the regulations around the sport nationality of our riders. The committee also joined our colleagues from the Sport Judges Committee and Education Committee to discuss a joint seminar to be held next year as a follow-on to the very successful event held two years ago in Germany as well as the status of the FIPO tests from the combined perspective of the three areas of expertise. The committee will prepare a number of recommendations for the Sport Department’s consideration at the 2016 FEIF Conference (Haarlem, Netherlands, February 2016)