National rankings and Gæðingakeppni classes

October 16 2015 | Gæðingakeppni, Sport

FEIF is providing national rankings for Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, based upon WorldRanking Events in the specific countries. The ranking lists are based upon the best two results per rider per test. The ranking lists are updated every night, and like the WorldRanking, pages with individual results of riders and horses are avalable.
In Denmark, additional regional events are added to the ranking, as well as other tests, like Tölt T5, T6, T7,T8 and Four Gait V3, V4, V5, V6.
The ranking lists are integrated in the national websites.
Denmark started now with Gæðingakeppni rankings as well: Gæðingakeppni A-flokkur, B-flokkur, Childrens’ Class, Teenage Class and Young Riders. Henriette Pedersen is the first rider to be ranked in the Gæðingakeppni Young riders class and Johanne Jensen in the Teenage class.