WorldRanking 2015

October 11 2015 | Sport

The FEIF WorldRanking is a system to compare results of riders of pure-bred Icelandic horses at selected sport events all over the world with each other. FEIF started the WorldRanking in 1995.
The last WorldRanking events of the season 2015 took place on the first weekend of October in Austria and Germany. Almost all results have so far been registered and an overview of the statistics is published and updated on a daily basis on the FEIF website.
11 countries registered and organized 88 WorldRanking events fulfilling the requirements set for these events, e.g. being judged by at least three FEIF licensed international sport judges and of them being a foreign judge. 9,736 marks and times were ridden by more than 2,000 riders from all FEIF member countries in 2015.