FEIF virtual ride – Home to Hólar

September 22 2015 | Leisure Riding

It is not to late to join – or invite your friend to join – the virtual ride to next year´s Landsmót in Hólar. You will be in the company of currently 150 riders from all over the world, including Austria, Romania, and Australia. The concept is simple: follow the link to register, calculate the distance from your home to Hólar, follow your normal riding routine, but also add up the distance you have ridden over a month, and send it in. For most people the track to Iceland is too far to go it alone, so you can form a team, and the monthly distance is calculated on a team basis. On the way you will (virtually, via Facebook) meet Icelandic horse riders from many countries and in many different landscapes, and have a share in their adventures: these include close encounters with a bear, Spanish walk on the Californian beach and teaching your horses to sing. Shared joy is double the joy, and there is certainly a lot of fun to be had on the way. Why not join in and experience FEIF in action, as it lives up to its motto ‘bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse’?