Stud farm show on the World Championship tracks

August 8 2015 | Breeding, World Championships

6 stud farms participated in the stud farm show Friday night at the WC 2015. From Iceland: Efri-Raudalækur, from Sweden: Knutshyttan, from Norway: Kringeland and from Denmark: Stutteri Ny Nørregaard and Slippen.
The audience voted by SMS. The winning studfarm was Slippen owned by Johan Runar Skulason. Slippen is a young studfarm started in 2008. Slippen presented 7 horses in their show – all 5-6 years old, beautiful and all with very high assessments. Johan Skulason was breeder of the year in Denmark in 2014. Second position in the stud farm show was the stud farm Kringeland owned by Inge Kringeland and position 3 was Knutshyttan owned by Gardar Gislason.