FEIF Video Competition 2015

July 21 2015 | Youth Work

Over the last few months young people from all over the FEIF world have entered a competition to make a 5 minute video on the topic: ‘ Happiness is…’
We are now proud to present the winning team from Germany. Congratulations to Anna Möller, Anna Kettler, Leonie Ehrle, Sarah Mohl, Louisa Letzel and Vanessa Häußermann. All entries were judged by an international panel of judges consisting of professionals in the movie world, as well as professional horse people. This film and all other entries can be found when you follow the link. (Apologies, due to copyright issues, unfortunately not all titles are accessible in all countries)
Congratulations to all our stars, human and equine! And thank you to all participants and to the excellent panel of judges. And here you have it: ‘Happiness is a clear four-beat, consisting of your past, your future and your presence.’