Team France – first team registered

July 10 2015 | World Championships

France is the first country to register their team for the World Championships 2015. Nine sport riders will participate including two Young Riders. France will not bring breeding horses this year.

Charlotta Gripenstam with Hylur frá Miðhrauni [IS2008137726]
Charlotte Freitag with Goðrekur frá Torfastöðum [IS2003188505]
Jacques Pailloncy with Surtsey frá Langholti [IS2006166420]
Michel Becker with Djákni frá Hellulandi [IS2007287400]
Pascale Kugler with Teista frá Lynghóli [IS2009282502]
Sophie Clémentz with Líneik von Ásgard [DE2006210356]
Thaïna Lempérière with Hrísey frá Langholtsparti [IS2006287449]

Young Riders:
Ayla Marquenie with Núpur vom Schluensee [DE2000122138]
Xavière Gabrion with Dalvar frá Auðsholtshjáleigu [IS2001187015]